Support the Reformed Dutch Church of Claverack

Please support our 300+ year mission in spreading the love of God in our midst throughout our community and the world. The Church’s program and facilities depends on the support of its members and community, both locally and from afar.

Your donation may be designated to help fund any of the following:

Historic Preservation: The Sanctuary has been in use since before the revolutionary war! The 250+ year structure requires good stewardship to continue serving as one of the oldest public buildings in the area. Please consider supporting this historic place of peace.

Memorials: Honor your lost loved one with a donation in his/her name knowing that your contribution will support the Christian mission of the Church

Sunday School: Help support the Christian education and mentoring provided to local youth. Teaching materials are kept current and modern classroom furniture and equipment can be provided with your faithful support.

Playground: Help us maintain the modern playground constructed of painted steel and molded plastic. The soft, playground appropriate shredded wood fiber has to be safely weeded and topped off on a regular basis to provide a safe and healthy environment for our youth. That and the area surrounding the playground has to be maintained on a regular basis. Your support will help to offset these necessary expense.

Education Building: Constructed in 1965, the Christian Education Building (CEB) has become a community focal point of activity over the years. Help us maintain this important structure, including its meeting hall, classrooms, library, bathrooms and commercial kitchen so that it can continue to service the needs of the community

Parsonage: Also on the historic register, this stately structure has hosted many families of past pastors and guests alike. Timely stewardship is required to keep it in a good state of repair. Please consider a donation to allow this historic home to continue its faithful service.

Church Program: Our church program can evolve and thrive with the support of its members and greater community. Please consider a donation to help continue the mission of the Church and the value it provides to the community

Missions: The Church is in constant support of local and distant missions plus it is quick to support those in need from disasters and other perils. For this cause, no donation is too small.

All donations are considered non-refundable gifts