Freshness a poem by Joyce Rupp, adapted for our reflection.

A new year is moving in just as winter walks alone and snowflakes and I sit here wondering in the breath of God’s bless and the glance of God’s  grace

I think about the year now gone and how I’ve walked across it (it grieves me some and joys me some)

And as the new year stretches I wonder how I’ll meet it and if I will let God’s grace find me, and let God lead me and take God’s love to heart and fix my gaze on God.

Oh how I wonder with this heart of mine, so often gone astray, so often in the desert, so often hid in the hills of wind and wild.

I wonder how I’ll meet this year and if I’ll give myself the chance to catch the breath of blessing and see the glance of God’s dear grace to rise and walk from sinfulness, to come and return and find God waiting to reach and know that God can heal to turn around …

May I treasure God as God treasures me

A new year is moving in just as surely as the winter walks along in snowflakes

My God is moving in again and just like winter snow breathes freshness into my life.


Gerald Manley Hopkins said, “There lies the dearest freshness of deep down things.”

    Looking at the pure snow outside we are reminded that it is a new year. It is time to let go of the past and plan for a future of faithfulness. God is holding out a freshness of life to us. God is offering us a new beginning with this year. 

    Often, though, we tend to focus on the areas of our lives where we feel we have failed or not given our best.  

    Why would we still make resolutions? We look to the past and may feel guilty or discouraged when we remember our failures or weaknesses that still pursue us deep inside. 

    But it is not beneficial to dwell in the past but rather we must move on. January is such a good time to deliberately set our steps forward, to begin again, to give ourselves over to the promises of the future. January is when we look, really look at our life’s journey and rejoice over another year given to us. We walk with hope and confidence because we know that we are constantly being offered new beginnings with God. 

     Let us pray for the gift of a fresh start, opening the gift of new life in God. May the freshness of God’s lasting love for you give you a brand new start this year.


New Year blessings,

Pastor Linda

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