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Pastor’s Corner July 2019

Observing Sabbath is one of our ancient spiritual practices. The Hebrew word for Sabbath means to rest from labor. Its theological meaning is rooted in God's rest following creation. We are called to take Sabbath by God's commandment. But Sabbath is not just a duty, or a rest from labor, but also a time to grow closer to God. Sabbath is not just going to church on Sunday. Jesus further taught and nuanced teaching about [...]

Pastor’s Corner June 2019

The Fisherman June is a month filled with celebration, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries. It is a wonderful time to thank God for the ways that you are blessed. Last night I dreamed that I was attending a play. Just as the play was about to start, I woke up. I was really disappointed not to know what the play was going to be about. Then I started thinking that life is like that. We do [...]

Pastor’s Corner May 2019

Honoring Our Work On May 1st some churches honor Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. Spiritual writer Joyce Rupp in her devotional Inviting God In describes him as a “quiet, humble carpenter.” It was not so much what he did for a living but how and why he worked. Scholars believe he was at least 10 years older than Mary and died before Jesus’ ministry began. He showed his true character by caring for Mary [...]

Pastor’s Corner April 2019

Spring Cleaning Prayer Create in me a clean heart, O God, open and receptive, so that I may embrace the many ways you choose to visit my life. Create in me a clean heart, O God, wash away my resistance to working through difficult relationships and clear out the refuse of old battles. Create in me a clean heart, O God, purified through the daily disruptions and the life encounters that take me beyond my [...]

Pastor’s Corner March 2019

LENT IS A TIME TO CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER Many church traditions observe Lent by a period of deprivation and contemplation which is thought to lead to a deeper relationship to God. Indeed, our spiritual mothers and fathers had traditions and regulations which were probably helpful to early Christians and there are ways we can benefit from setting aside time to consider the connection between our everyday life and our spiritual life. Most of us [...]

Pastor’s Annual Report 2018

PASTOR’S ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2018 Rev. Linda J. Miles Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 2018 was a bittersweet year. It had many joyful times celebrating birth and growth and some times of stress and sadness when members were very ill and we had to say farewell to some beloved members and friends. We prayed for the sick and grieving, celebrated marriages, confirmed and welcomed new [...]

Pastor’s Corner February 2019

The Future of the Church Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, General Secretary Emeritus of the Reformed Church in America, has written a thoughtful book called Future Faith. In it, he explores ten ways our United States congregations are challenged to change at this watershed moment in Christian history. These challenges are invitations to look at American churches and to be inspired with hope and insight as to what we can do to serve God in the present reality. [...]

Pastor’s Corner January 2019

The Rose Some say love, it is a river, that drowns a tender reed Some say love, it is a razor, that leaves your soul to bleed Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need I say love, it is a flower, and you it’s only seed It’s the heart afraid of breaking, that never learns to dance It’s the dream afraid of waking, that never takes a chance It’s the ones [...]