Our Pastor

Our Consistory & Officers

The Reformed Church uses a consistory as the governing body of the local church. A consistory consists of the elders, deacons, and minister of the Word, working together in the service and supervision of the church. Along with the minister, our consistory includes five elders and five deacons who together strive to seek God’s will in ministering to His people.

The 2021 Consistory:


  • Donna Lynk Campion
  • Jane Case
  • Jim Mackerer
  • Nathan Winch
  • William Better


  • Amy Race
  • John Dunham
  • Kim Plass
  • Melissa Skoda
  • Robert Weinman

Church Officers

Classis Delegate: Snookie Patterson
Alternate Classis Delegate: Nancy Rasweiler

Our Staff

  • Director of Music: Andrea Mastrianni
  • Treasurer: Shirley Sullivan
  • Office Manager: Helen Hamel
  • Custodian: Lynn Oliveri