Much of the work of the church is done by our members, who donate their time and talents for God’s ministry here in Claverack. Most of this work is done through our committees, each with its own mission in the life of our church. Find out more about our committees below:


The Worship committee strives to provide a meaningful worship experience for all, glorifying God and bringing His Word into our midst. To this end, the committee manages all the “behind the scenes details” that go into the planning and preparation of our worship services, including the recruiting of greeters, care and set-up of adornments, arranging for seasonal (i.e. Lent, Advent) needs, and obtaining pulpit supply. In addition, the committee aids the minister and director of music in matters related to the style and practice of our worship services. Email us a request by clicking here.

Christian Growth and Education

The CG&E committee helps develop and administer educational programs in which all may grow in the knowledge of the Word of God. Email us a request by clicking here.


The Nurture committee assists in providing Christian compassion to those in need of spiritual and emotional support within our church family and community. Through notes, cards, phone calls, visitations, and prayer, the committee gives comfort to those who are sick, healing, shut-in, or otherwise in need of spiritual support. Email us a request by clicking here.


The Missions committee plans and manages the church’s outreach to assist those in need both locally and throughout the world. More details on our Missions programs can be found in the Helping Others section of this site. Email us a request by clicking here.


In order to foster fellowship within our church family, the Fellowship Committee organizes and sponsors various get-togethers, outings and recreational activities. Recent events have included picnics at Dutchman’s Landing, family hiking trips, and movie screenings. Email us a request by clicking here.


Acting as our faithful stewards of “His House(s)”, the Property committee oversees the repair and maintenance of our buildings and grounds. Their work includes the planning of building projects, managing the church’s utilities (oil, electric, etc.), and responding to immediate repair needs. Email us a request by clicking here.


Members of the Finance committee are our financial stewards, administering the use of the church’s talents and funds in support of God’s ministry in Claverack. The committee handles most of the church’s financial work: preparing and overseeing the budget, maintaining the church’s various bank accounts, and managing the church’s income and expenditures. Email us a request by clicking here.


he Cemetery committee provides for the perpetual care of the cemetery. It’s board of five members oversees the cemetery’s operation and finances. For information about plots, burials, or other matters concerning the cemetery, Email us a request by clicking here.